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  In the fall of 1924 there were some lots up for auction where the present Free Will Baptist Church stands. This was the origial location of the First Assembly of God. Tom Farris and Brother Hellings decided it was a good time for the Pentecostal believers of Bourbon to build a place of worship. The property was purchased and the decision was made to begin preparations for building. It was later that winter the building was completed, then dedicated the day following by Brother Boyles, who was pastoring at Sullivan at the time.

  The church was set in order and became affiliated with the Assemblies of God and the Southern Missouri District on February 28, 1925. The first pastor elected was E.V. Cater. The first deacons were Tom Farris, Jim Eoff, and William Clayton. There were 18 begining members.

  In July of 1955 it was decided to tear down the older church and rebuild on the same location. The church met in the old Shell gas station and restaurant. It took almost a year to complete. It was under the ministry of Bill Popejoy that the church relocate. Brother Popejoy located the present property and layed out the design of the church. The land was purchased in late 1978, and the building was completed and dedicated in 1981 under Brother William Myrick. In 1984 the new parsonage was built next to the church. Also in 2000 the church completely remodeled the sanctuary, foyer, restrooms, offices, and classrooms.

 E.V. Cater was the first pastor in 1925, after him was; Bro. Boyles, F.L. Farris, Bro. Crane, Johnny Gray, Stanley Miller, J.J. Ivie, Guy Jackson, and Sis. Duncan up into the 40's. In 1943 J.R. Kronk pastored, then Sis. Mcdaniels 1944, J.J. Ivie 1946(again), Bro. Heady 1947, A.E. Garner 1949, C. Wayne Mcanulty 1950, A.E. Garner 1954(again), Ray Highfel 1956, Bud Richardson 1958, Bill Popejoy 1960, Robert Middleton 1970, J. Adams 1976, Bro. Farris 1977, H.B. Bridgeforth 1978, William Myrick 1980, Harold Harrison 1985, James Austin 2003, and Derik Ruble 2011.

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